At Qasvu we have interviewed thousands of professionals on their ambitions, professional interests and ideal workplace in order to find the right match for them. Thanks to these interviews we have gained great insights on the modern day professional. Today we present areas that young professionals feel they want to further develop.

  1. Leadership and project management skills

This finding is heavily aligned with our previous insights that the modern professional wants to see advancement opportunities at work. 51% of our network members have communicated that they want to develop their leadership and project management skills at work, in other words they want to see that they can develop the skills needed to rise to the role of e.g. a project manager. You might consider this as typical entitled millennials, however, providing your employees with chances of leading e.g. group meetings or smaller projects in general is a great and easy place to start. Yes, delegating at first might feel time consuming, however in the long-run you gain from your employees taking on more responsibility enabling you to focus on your tasks and possibly internal promotions!

  1. Business understanding

Constant learning and a greater understanding of businesses is of great importance to young professionals, 40 % of our network members feel that they want to develop their understanding of different businesses and what makes them tic. A career is no longer considered the end of your education, if anything it is where you finally begin to learn and apply theoretical knowledge gathered during studies. Constant learning might seem relatively difficult to provide; however, by e.g. providing a monthly coaching session for your employees on different topics while encouraging your employees to find out things by themselves are relatively easy ways of encouraging business understanding and constant learning. If possible, this may even be broadened by encouraging all employees to come up with new solutions by having a prize for the best solution – not all solutions come directly from the development team, there are unused knowledge in your organization.

  1. Analytical thinking

37 % of our network members have answered that analytical thinking is an area they want to further develop in their job. Analytical thinking is essential in most roles, problem solving, rational decisions and summarising of data are all built on an analytical mindset. Constant learning might seem a relatively difficult to provide; however, it can be as easy as asking the simple question of “what do you think?”. By encouraging your own employees to think and research independently is an easy and effective way of promoting analytical thinking and problem solving within your organisation. You don’t always need to have all the answers.

To summarize, if you can provide your employees with the freedom of independent problem solving, manage to delegate responsibilities and encourage a culture of constant learning, you might just be the dream employer our young professionals are looking for!

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