Hey Olli, tell us a little something about yourself?

Hi! My name is Olli Aalto and I work as an Advisor at Rantalainen, a rapidly growing financial management and accounting firm in Finland. I recently graduated from Hanken where I majored in accounting and moved down from Vaasa (the sunniest city in Finland) to relatively grey and gloomy Helsinki… jokes aside, loving it in our beautiful capital!

Could you tell us about your position at Rantalainen?

In my role, I work towards making it easier for international companies to conduct their business in Finland. I advise our clients on various issues, starting from how to establish a company and ending with how to report to authorities. In this position, I also help companies to understand the regulations regarding accounting and corporate law. The role requires independent and qualified work and quite a broad knowledge within these themes, a challenge I relish!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

A lot of things! I have a job which is directly related to my education and allows me to be doing independent work in the company of an inspiring team. What adds to the positive experience at Rantalainen is that it has an open corporate culture which results in an endless amount of ways to develop as a professional and potentially rise within the firm.

How would you describe your Qasvu process?

For me it took a while from joining the network to receiving that infamous match, however, quality before quantity, it was definitely worth waiting for!  I focused on finishing my thesis while Qasvu went to work, quite the service!

Thank you Olli! We hope you continue to enjoy your work and develop as a professional at Rantalainen.


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