Tell us about yourself Martin!

Hey there, I’m Martin and work with B2B-sales at Crowst, a Helsinki-based company that provides market insights in real-time using crowdsourcing and mobile technology. Prior to Crowst I honed my B2B-swagger at Trainers House and studied Marketing at Arcada.

What is Crowst and what does your position entail?

At Crowst, we help companies with real-time market research, i.e. we provide them with information on e.g. how, where and why people buy a certain product. My task is to find companies I think would benefit from using Crowst and to find a unique selling point. Essentially, I own the whole sales process from prospecting to closing clients, which is something I really enjoy.

What is it like working for a growth company like Crowst?

What I really enjoy is our team mentality, we are building a business together and that team mentality is something I value greatly. I also have to mention my colleagues, fantastic people with a great sense of humour.

Favourite thing about your job?

Responsibility, product and team spirit. Working for a growth company, you really see how your work impacts company performance, which is both intimidating and exciting. Additionally, selling a product, you believe in is epic, easiest elevator pitch ever. Finally, I mentioned team spirit earlier, but it really helps you turn a grey day shiny-ish…

Seems like you really found your place Martin. How did your Qasvutarina work out?

I booked my call with Qasvu and communicated that I wanted to take a next step in sales where I could take responsibility, grow as a B2B-professional and see my results. I might even have mentioned that a Tech-startup would be cool, you managed that as well.

Final question: How would you describe Qasvu to a friend?

Different. Fresh. Eye-opening. Definitely presented me with an opportunity I didn’t know existed and opened my eyes to what is out there!

You’re a legend of a man, thank you Martin!


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