Qasvu contacted the ambitious sales talent Jenny with an exciting opportunity. This is her story. 

Recently, I took a big step in my career, as I decided to move from Helsinki to Stockholm to work for the rapidly growing company – a business software provider that helps companies increase their sales.

At Vainu, I work with B2B-sales, which is both interesting and challenging. It’s about understanding how different industries work and being able to demonstrate how our clients can benefit from Vainu’s product. I continuously learn new things – so far, I have improved my business judgement, my communication skills and I have also developed a more structured mind-set. Our work is quite intensive, as we have clear goals to reach each month. This suits me as I’m at by best when I’m working under a little bit of pressure.

We have a dynamic and youthful atmosphere with a supportive work environment. Together we are working for the same goal – to help our clients’ businesses grow. It might be intimidating to contact decision makers at top firms, but when you have a team you enjoy working with, a product you believe in and the chance to constantly develop professionally, it’s both rewarding and fun!

Thank you Qasvu for helping me grow and pursue my career!

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