Frequently asked questions

Who is Qasvu for?

Our agency model (i.e. 30-minute personal interview) is for young and experienced professionals. Our sign-up form is suitable for students who want to hear about relevant and interesting internship opportunities.

Why should I join Qasvu if I already have a job?

By joining Qasvu you can focus on your job while being open to other opportunities. We are your agents – we only present opportunities that will elevate you to the kind of career you are looking for.

Will my current employer know that I joined Qasvu?

No, your discussion is 100% confidential.

Does Qasvu cost anything?

No, Qasvu is and always will be completely free for members.

How does Qasvu match me with a company?

Based on your discussion with your recruiter, i.e. based on your background, professional preferences, skill-set and goals. During the 30-minute discussion with our recruiters we get holistic view of where you want to go as a professional and try our best to present you with opportunities that fulfil this.

Will my information be shared without me knowing?

No, your information will be stored in a secure location and will only be shared with an interested company when you communicate that you are interested in an opportunity at said company.

How does it work when Qasvu matches me with a company?

When we present you an opportunity, we conduct a quick catch-up call where we further elaborate and confirm that the opportunity is relevant for you.  When you confirm your interest, your profile is presented to our partner company who then takes charge of the recruitment process.