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“I joined Qasvu so that I could focus on my work while being open to other opportunities. I told Qasvu about my wish to use and train my B2B skillset in more varied ways. I might even have mentioned that a Tech-startup would be cool, Qasvu managed that as well.”

Martin, B2B Sales at Crowst

Forget constantly browsing the job market, Qasvu has you covered

By becoming an agency member, we will find you your next career step when you are ready for it. The only steps needed are 1) Book your 20-minute phone discussion and 2) Have the discussion with a Qasvu Talent Agent so that we get to know you better. We will then only present you with opportunities that meet your ambitions and preferences. We are your agents – we present opportunities that will elevate you to the kind of career you are looking for! We work with dozens of Nordic success stories, from exciting start-ups to large international corporations.

Membership is free and always will be.

How it works



You may be looking for a new opportunity right now or just want to know what is out there – it is always the right time to have the discussion



The discussion is 100 % confidential and will focus on your background, ambitions, interests and ideal workplace



You are in the driver’s seat. We present an opportunity and you decide if you find it interesting enough to meet the company

Who is the agency for?​

Qasvu is for all professionals: from graduates to professionals with up to 10 years of experience

We specialise in

Sales & Marketing

Finance & Accounting

HR & General Administration

Hear what our members say​

"After the call my agent promised to be in touch when something that might interest me comes up. A couple of weeks later my agent mentioned an opportunity at a company that matched my ambitions and professional preferences. The rest is history."
”I told my Agent about my desire to work in recruiting and was super excited when they presented me this opportunity just a couple of months later! Freska feels like my second home and I’m super proud to work for a company where I share its values and believe in its story!"