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Qasvu helps companies find and recruit the right talent quickly and efficiently. 

Our unique network of young and experienced professionals enables us to find talent like no-one else in the Nordics and is why we work with several of the Nordics’ most exciting companies. We know our networks personally, having conducted 30-minute discussions with every network member on their interests, professional preferences and goals. Our broad network and superior knowledge of our members enables us to match you with only the most fitting professionals.  Forget staring at multiple generic CVs and gain access to the professionals you really want to meet.

Our network consists of students and graduates from all major universities

We specialise in junior to associate level roles in... 

Sales & Marketing

Finance & Accounting

HR & General Administration


Agency Members

1 on 1 discussions with every new network member to get to know their background, professional interests, preferences and career goals


Thorough walk-through of the position, your company and culture so that Qasvu can contact the best matching members

Applicant discussions

Qasvu contacts its best matching members and other applicants and discusses the role and company to confirm that it is a good fit

Final Interviews

You conduct final discussions & interviews with the best matching candidates


We have noticed issues regarding the traditional upfront pricing model used by recruitment firms. To tackle this problem, Qasvu provides a model where you for the first 6 months of a recruited candidate’s employment split up the payments to smaller monthly fees, contingent on the fact that the employment relationship is successful. We of course also provide our clients the traditional up-front model as presented below.

Full-time recruitment

Traditional up-front fee

  • 500 process +
  • 14% of yearly salary

For recruitment of graduates and experienced professionals

Full-time recruitment

Hire now & pay later

  • 500 process +
  • 3% of yearly salary monthly for the first 6 months of employment

For recruitment of graduates and experienced professionals

Part-time recruitment

Fixed fee or Hire now & pay later

  • 300 process +
  • 500€ monthly or 2 500€

For recruitment of e.g. students for part-time or trainee positions

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