Hi, who are you?

I’m Emma, a second year Accounting student at Arcada and work part time as Accounting Trainee at Navigator Partners. I joined the Qasvu network this fall and got matched with my first accounting job a couple weeks later.

How did your process work?

I started off with booking a call with my Talent Agent through Qasvu’s website. We then discussed my interest in developing my business understanding and how I wanted to apply my theoretical knowledge from Arcada in a professional environment. A week later, Qasvu presented the opportunity at Navigator Partners and the following week I met the team for an interview and received a job offer.

Thoughts about your process with Qasvu?

Super happy, I wasn’t actively looking for a job so was positively surprised when Qasvu contacted me! Super appreciative of the fact that my interest and motivation towards accounting weighed more than my lack of relevant experience. Qasvu really helped me move forward in my career and presented an opportunity I didn’t believe existed. I highly recommend joining the network!

Favorite thing about your job?

Love working for a smaller company where I am exposed to a broad range of tasks and get first-hand experience from accounting programs.

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